What is DHI Technique?

What is DHI Technique?

The most important feature of the DHI (Direct Hair Implant) method is that it doesn’t require incisions or suture, and thus doesn’t leave marks. The purpose of this method is to minimize the time that the extracted grafts spend outside, which will help them be stronger and healthier.

The extracted hair follicles are directly implanted into the recipient area with special needles, without first opening slits.

As there is no slit-opening phase, the number of follicles that can be implanted is much higher, and it is possible to obtain better results. This process requires more labor and time compared to the classical FUE technique. However, as there are no incisions, the healing time is much shorter.

The most important feature of the DHI method is that, the extracted follicles are implanted at once; thus, the outcome is healthier and stronger hair. There are no pre-opened slits, the hair follicles are directly implanted into the scalp without pain.

Hair Transplant with the DHI Technique
The DHI method is provided in only select hair transplant centers in Turkey and around the world. It is a new and novel hair transplant method.

How Does the DHI Technique Work?

In the standard FUE method, the grafts/follicles are extracted all at once. Subsequently, the obtained grafts go through a special process to improve the outcome, and then implanted in the pre-opened slits.

In the DHI technique, the hair follicles are individually extracted and implanted. There are no incisions in this method. A very fine needle is used to individually implant the follicles, according to the natural direction of hair growth. The special needles make it possible to consecutively and closely implant the grafts.

The advantages of the DHI method
The major advantage of this method is the final thickness of the hair. The final hair thickness is 40 – 60 hair follicles per centimeter, double the result of the lateral slit method. This offers the opportunity to provide extensive hair coverage.

It also provides the opportunity to implant the hair in the direction of natural hair growth in every part of the scalp, which results in a more natural hairline.

The fine needles that are used in the DHI method minimize the risk of scarring.

As it is a sensitive method that requires individual implantation of the hair follicles, it needs to be performed by a specialist and expert team.

The outcome of the DHI technique is a natural and successful hair design. It is the method that yields the result that is closest to natural, with maximum thickness, and a quick recovery